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What students have said

I feel that yoga has helped my flexibility, and improved my strength and balance. The class is conveniently located and reasonably priced, and offers a more personal touch than a studio could. Jean L

I love taking yoga class in Carol Sakai's home studio. With the small class size, everyone gets lots of personal attention. Carol takes the time to make sure everyone is doing the poses correctly. She knows our individual capabilities and gently pushes us to do more -- but not more than we are ready for. Carol is patient and caring and truly makes yoga class a highlight of my week. Charlene

I have been attending Carol Sakai's yoga classes for almost ten years, and I can highly recommend her approach to students. Because the classes are small, she is able to give her students the individual attention they need. She can correct and adjust our yoga poses when we get out of alignment, but more importantly because of her background in medical physiology and experience as a yoga therapy consultant, she is able to give special attention and care to the various aches and pains we all occasionally suffer from. It is the intimate caring atmosphere of her small classes that I so value. Ginny

My husband and I have been taking yoga lessons with Carol Sakai for fifteen years. She is an excellent teacher with a profound knowledge of yoga and a healer by vocation; she makes the pain go away and restores peace and balance. There can be no greater testimonial to Carol than the fact that when we moved to a new house far away from Carol's neighborhood five years ago, we never once considered looking for another teacher or studio- despite the fact that she is now 45 minutes away from us. If you think that personal attention and a small studio where the teacher knows you and your body are important then this class is for you. Elizabeth and Nikita

Although I have been attending Carol's yoga class for several years, I always learn something new. I look forward to attend each session in her cozy home studio because I go in tired and tense, but come out feeling relaxed and calm. At the beginning of each class, Carol asks each of us how we are feeling and then tailors the stretches to meet our individual needs. When I had a frozen shoulder, her recommended stretches helped me recover quicker. I like Carol's patient and low key approach in teaching me to listen to my body to maximize my well being.Marie

I am very happy with the small size of Carol's in home classes. She is able to give individual attention to her students and make accomodations for particular needs. Carol instructs four nights a week. It is nice to know that if you have to miss a class and there is room in an alternate evening class, you can come and know that you will have the same instructor. Jean M