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Reviews for Tai Chi classes

What students have said

"Carol is the most patient Tai Chi instructor at the best price I have ever had. I've taken from five different teachers. I had one other class that was as slow and systematic as Carol’s class. But it was a much bigger class with two teachers and the cost was almost twice as much. Carol's class is just more personal."

"Carol will teach you how to move differently. "I learned I was not swiveling my hips, and now I practice that more when I walk. I became more aware of how I move with Carol and the other teachers did not do that. She also clued me into a ball to roll on that my husband and I use to help with muscle pains. I highly recommend Carol. She is a great teacher." Doris

"Carol's Tai Chi classes are wonderful. They are small so she can give individual attention to her students. She will help you modify movements if necessary or suggest exercises to help improve functioning. She is very patient yet will encourage you to strive for good form and rhythm. She helps to make memorization of the movements and steps almost effortless--reminding you to practice between classes. Tai Chi helps both the body (range of movement, muscle tone, balance) and the brain (focus and relaxation). I found that I had increased energy and calmness while taking the class." Geri

"I have enjoyed taking Tai Chi in Carol's studio. The classes are soothing and relaxing and have been helpful to me with respect to some physical issues that I have. The small studio environment that Carol provides has been preferable to me as compared to a larger class. Carol provides each student with personal attention and the smaller number of students has also provided for positive and supportive interactions between all of us in class. Carol's method of teaching Tai Chi takes into account each student's physical abilities and has made it work well for all in class. The movement sequences flow and provide for continuing learning. I highly recommend her Tai Chi classes." Lisa S.